Who can Host

Who Can Host

What is hosting a pod?

Do you have some extra space at your Restaurant, Parking lot, Office, Institution, or Community? Well, then you can host our Pods for people to accommodate on the go and earn some bucks.

Who can Host?

Precisely anybody who owns an extra space. 

Do I have to buy the pod to host?

No. But we get a share from your earnings. 

Can i buy the pod?

Yes, you can. 

Is there maintenance involved?

There is no maintenance required from your end. Our Pods are self-maintained. 

Are these Pods Secure?

Yes, these Pods are built with safety features and indestructible materials. 

Do I need a power source to run the pod?

No, Every Pod can run by itself as it comes with a High Capacity Battery Pack that is connected to Solar Cells.

Can these Pod withstand extreme weather conditions?

Yes, these Pods are built rigid to withstand any extreme weather conditions. They are also sound and fireproof. Mountains/Woods/Bays/Cities dwell anywhere!

I'm interested in hosting these pods. what do i do?

Well, we’re glad you’re interested in Hosting our Pods! All you have to do is GET IN TOUCH to Pre-Register!

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