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SmartPod Technology building sustainable future

We are an Innovative Technology Company that builds peer-to-peer sustainable pods (Dwelling Units) for Travelers, Off-Campus Students, Backpackers, and the Homeless at affordable prices. We are also aiming to build larger bases at multiple locations to block out the housing crisis. 

Unlike traditional construction materials, we use hybrid reinforced thermoplastic composites a unique complex composite material which we call Composite X that is stronger than traditional material and at low cost. Since we’ve decided to use sustainable materials every Pod can be recycled to a new Pod someday. The Pods require no additional power source as they can power themselves using integrated solar cells.

SmartPod also aims to create an Affordable Ecosystem for Sustainable Living by reducing the Carbon Footprints caused by Traditional Construction Materials using Thermoplastic Composites and Clean Energy.

Founder, CEO

Sylvester David
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